Christoffer from Denmark on top of the world. The bio-diversity in this area is remarkable. Just from the spot where Christoffer stands you can count about 10 different kinds of trees. In this season, in the end of June, it is also easy to loose yourself in the beauty of flowers.
In the untouched forest just above the apple orchard many tree are more than 100 m tall.
After just 15 minutes of walk you are rewarded with the sight of this house on a ridge.
And after 60 minutes of walk you will reach this wonderful spot.
At some places the steep walk is replaced by a relaxed horizontal stroll through meadows.
This is a small glacier - just 90 minutes of walk from the apple orchard.
 Nana is exploring a natural cave made of ice.


You walk upwards for 30 minutes more and again the scenery changes into new vistas.   Some places up here looks like the stuff fairy tales are made of.
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