Asha is the only formally educated person in Shilla and the surrounding villages in the Parvarti Valley. She is part and parcel of our trekking tours. She speaks good English and acts as a translator when you want to ask her aunt about some special fragrant herbs you´ve just found along the roadside. After Asha finished college she decided to go back to her village to teach the small children. She sends you her love and says that any kind of children's toys or second hand winter clothes will be welcome as a donation.

At the moment the children of Shilla are attending an outdoor school, both summer and winter. They have no buildings or classrooms to stay in. Here you see Nadege from Denmark with some of Asha's Shilla children. In 2003 we had with us 40 kg of second hand winter clothes for the children.

Asha has like most Shilla people a great sense of humor.
She has not forgotten the old traditions of her village. here she is singing an old sacred song together with her mother. Asha has inherited the true informal spirituality of this pure mountain culture. Sometimes she spontaneously goes into a state of divine trance.
Here Asha is teaching Anurag´s children and Nadege from Denmark the local Nati-dance.
And here you see Nadege in a colorful local dress.
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