Far away from noisy roads & tourist ghettos you
will find a beautiful apple orchard. It is located in an
unspoilt Himalayan nature.  This is our BASE CAMP.
We call it Ydun. According to the Nordic mythology,
the Gods were kept eternally young by
eating apples served by the Goddess Ydun.
Here you see our newly constructed house.
It has modern facilities such as kitchen,
bathrooms, electricity and hot showers.
This remote orchard is the favorite place for the
agriculturist and political commentator - Anurag Sood.
 This is our first constructed house - old, but charming.
The two houses and our staff will provide you with
a comfort that normally is impossible to get in
such a remote Himalayan wilderness.
While enjoying the beautiful scenery you can have
coffee, tea or snacks at any time of the day.
You can also have a session of aurvedic massage.
You will reach here after one hour of step walk
through this landscape. On the opposite side of
the valley you can see the road we came from.
There are no roads on "our" side of the valley.
Here we unloading our rucksacks and getting
ready for a refreshing hot bath.

And now we are waiting for refreshments after the
walk. Comfortable furniture gives rest to our bodies.
Here we have arrived to a peaceful heaven without
television, noisy mobile phones or internet.

This is a place of music. A variety of
instruments are available at the orchard.
Often we have jam sessions with the mountain
people. Here Jesper is practicing his skills.

This is the view from the altano: a true sanctuary surrounded by green Himalayan beauty.

Here we are relaxing on the altano


Food is served. Te most delicious vegetarian
dishes. An abundance of healthy and varied types
specialties - from typical Kullu style to Israeli Humus.
One of our Danish guest remarked that
he could join this trek only to enjoy the food! 

After the food there is time for a game of ludo on
the altano. Chess and other games are also alvailable.


The sunset is sometimes incredible beautiful.


The heat from the campfire replaces the sunset.





And then the party with the villagers start.


The Himalayan horn kicks off a good vibe.

And the next morning you might find
yourself above the drifting clouds.
When you walk in the surrounding area, you walk safely.
There are no dangers or pitfalls above the orchard.
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