Bhekili is tourist free mountain village situated
800 m above the city Kullu in the Kullu valley.

This unspoilt village is the home of
our trekking guide Sanjay.


Here you see Sanjay's home, The picture
above is taken from the veranda. of his home.

Sanjay's mother says hello to you with the warm
hospitality so typical of the people of this area.

India is the country of the Holy cows.
Have you ever seen such a sweet cow?


The sky is full of big eagles

Here you see the beautiful wooden temple.

Some of the carved stones are thousands of
years old.



Close to Bhekili there is a natural tunnel going
several hundred meters into the mountain.
This tunnel is considered holy and the home of
a Goddess.


Bhekili is the home of flowers.



A photo of the surrounding area.


Sanjay and Emil - about 1 km above Kullu



Sunset in Bhekili


Sunrise in Bhekili

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