The Bijli Mahadev temple is located opposite the Kulu town  on top of a hill crest in 2400 m altitude.

A breathtaking panoramic view of both Kulu & the Paravati valley can be seen from this

It takes about 3 hours walk to reach the temple. 
The pictures below shows some aspects of
this beautiful trek through small typical Kullu villages.


Undisturbed villages in the mist.
Innocent Children - not used 
to the sight of Western people.

In the Kullu Valley the distinction between
what belongs to cows and what belongs
to humans is unclear

The most beautiful butterflies will accompany you
on the trek to the temple
Here you see the temple priest.

He is in the process of performing a sacred
ritual, blessing the baby you can see lying
in its mothers lap.


Here Aisha offers a flower to the Gods


The presiding deity in the temple  is Lord Shiva.
The stone structure on the photo depicts the phallus of Shiva ingrained in the vagina of his Consort Parvarti. This Shiv-lingam  is one of the worlds most ancient religious symbols depicting the universal and dynamic duality in the universe. 

The door frames have interesting carved
motives from the Indian mythology.

Cloud-paintings on Gods natural canvas,

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