Here you see our chief cook:
Sampson de Sousa from Goa.
Sampson has years of experience
catering for tourist in Goa.

This tasty North Indian dish is called Momo.
It should be served with a little Indian
butter - ghee - on top.
Here we sit in the dining hall in the Base Camp   And now food is ready. At this occasion 10
different dishes from the Kullu Valley were served.
As you can see on this picture,
the food is cooked with  joy and fun.
  Sanjay is also a great cook.
How many dishes can he prepare simultaneously?   Here the typical Indian bread - the chapati -
is baked on open fire.
Emil from Denmark is always very hungry.
It is because he insist on carrying his own
luggage while trekking.
  Also Maria and Nina enjoys the Momos
Al fresco lunch in Khir Ganga Al fresco lunch in Mang Thach
Nadege has found a nice stone chair
close to the rushing river at Rudranag
  Dinner at Base Camp.
How can we trek tomorrow after eating so much?
   One could travel to India just for the sake of
eating mangos! Here you see how civilized
this King of Fruits can be dealt with.
  And here you see the reason why the English
colonialist called the mango the bathroom fruit.

     A cup of India tea - chai - after a meal is a must

Aisha says goodbye after eating
a bucket full of mangos in the bathroom
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