Kasol - 1640 m - is situated on the bank of the Paravati River, 40 km from Kullu. It is charmingly located in an open conjunction with a smaller Valley. And here it slopes down to clear white sand at the banks of the Parvati river. Kasol reveals for the the traveler the first glimpses of the true Himalaya. The sunset in Kasol is particular beautiful. Kasol should be a paradise for trout fishing. On this picture you can see Danish Jesper trying his luck in the smaller Kasol "Nallah".

The main stream of the little river is quite powerful. But you can find pockets of calm water. As you can see on the face of Nadege, the water is quite cold.
In recent years Kasol has become a hippie-heaven for young people from Israel. After serving two hard years in the army they come here to freak out for a year or two. Then most of them go back to ordinary society in Israel. Kasol has thus become a hippie-Klondyke where one can eat Italian pizza or Israeli humus surrounded by snow clad mountains and western wannabe sadhus and eastern circus-sadhus that prefer smoking hashish and eating humus with the Israelis on the good restaurants from the long and lonely meditations in the mountain-caves. On our tour we just joyfully watch this monkey business from a distance. The food is however excellent.
This holy sadhu has renounced his blissfull meditations in the remote caves of the Himalayas to be free to give his blessings to the hippies in return for beer and pool.
This is our guest house in Kasol - In a safe distance from the hippie smog.
And after a river bath we all have a wonderful dinner
Our veranda with a cup of warm Indian chai
The sunset view from our guest house veranda.
Good night!
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