Guess from where this picture is taken...
East meets West at the poolside
The picture of the mountains is taken from this position! It is actually your view when you swim in this hot volcanic pool. One of the highlights on this tour is slowly to dip your body into this 50 degree Celsius hot water full of healing minerals. The 3 boys from Denmark in the center of the picture simply cannot leave the pool.
And when the Sadhus need a break from their lonely cave-meditations, they also now and then come down to the pool for a dip. For these people it is a sacred ritual. As the water of the Ganges River can wash away your Karma, your sins,
so this volcanic water is believed to be equally efficient. Hence the name of this place: Khir Ganga
Another shot from the poolside
A bull at sunset
It seems the goats are enjoying too
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