Mang Thaach is our second camp gound when
we travel from the Base Camp.  It is about 3 hours of walk away from Kungti Thaach.


I had to start with the pictures of the sunset.
It was just so beautiful!


A view from the opening of my tent.


Danish Emil surrounded by trekking shoes.

A view of the camp ground from above.
Al fresco lunch is served

In Mang Thaach we are close to the tree boarder.
On this picture you can see that the bare mountain
is not far away.


Our horses are enjoying to be without their load.



Maria from Denmark is taking a flower bath


Here is a close up of the abundant flower carpet.






Our guard caught off guard. But since bears
never attack a group of people, there is really no
need for the gun.


A late afternoon picture.
The light was remarkable at Mang Thaach.






Collecting fire wood


Sitting on the fire






And good bye to Mang Thaach with some
sunset pictures.

Shining evening  clouds on Gods sunset canvas.

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