Ayurvedic Massage is relative new to the West. But in the recent years it has become increasingly popular.

This type of massage is part of an ancient holistic Indian medicine designed to bring mind, body and spirit into balance.
In ancient times of India almost everybody gave and received massage as an integral part of life.

The Ayurvedic massage stimulates the body's own healing response, The Aurveda massage makes use of certain oils. These traditional oils have beneficial herbal extracts combined with the base oil for added benefit.

 A rejuvenating massage session
is wonderful after a long trek.

   Massage of the head is a specialty of Ayurveda.


 But a full body massage is also a must


    In ancient India it was the wrestlers
who gave the most advanced massage.
They were often also doctors.

The old massage man you see above is both
a former wrestlers and an Ayrvedic doctor.
Here he gives special attention the the legs.




 Even young people like Emil enjoys the session.

The neck area is a dumping ground
for stress in the western world.

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