Here we are at Nagaru. At 4000 meters altitude an intoxication flower meadow arises above the clouds.
Nagaru offers a superb panoramic view of
the Himalayan mountain range.


Our horses get ready for the trek to Nagaru.
It is early morning in Mang Thaach. The best
chances for clear sky vistas is reserved
to the morning walker.


The path to this natural "veranda" is going through
Tolkien-like fairy tale landscapes. Are we traveling
 into the lands of Mordor?


The path is step - yet safe and comfortable.


The Himalayan nature offers an abundance of artful
motives for the camera. For the artistic minded or
dream loving soul the rock or boulder formations
are like hidden metaphors for our inner life.
I call this picture: Gateway to Nagaru-life.


This picture shows some of the panoramic
vistas from Nagaru.


 In this altitude the weather changes very fast. 
The almost clear sky on this picture is only 10 min
away from the clouds on the previous picture.

Sys from Denmark on top of the world.
Even when the bright sun feels like an European
summer, it is important to keep on the warm
clothes. The wind is still cold enough to give
birth to glaciers.




Wild horses are grazing on the meadows.
They have chosen the photographers ideal background.


Himalayan horse-love



It is a wonderful feeling to walk on a meadow
on level with cumulus clouds. It feels like flying.

Here you are alone - all one



Here ... there are no needs of words.



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