Naggar Castle was built during Raja Sidha Singh's
reign 500 years ago.

There are spectacular views from the Castle.

A collection of ancient stone sculptures
of Gods and Goddesses


Here Anurag is giving a little lecture about the history
of the Castle. Anurag is himself belonging
to the ancient royal family of Kullu.

Nicholas Roerichs Museum

Nicholas Roerich, (9.10.1874 – 13.12.1947 )
was a Russian impressionist painter and
spiritual teacher with roots in the theosophical
movement. Together with his wife Helena
Roerich he was founding the theosophical
Agni Yoga Society. He was born in
St Petersburg and was traveling all over
the world for the most of his life.

The last years of his life he spent in
the Kullu Valley  in the Roerich Hall Estate,
just beside the Naggar Castle.
His paintings can be seen in several
museums all over the world.


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