Puran From Shilla is always in the lead
when there is a music and dance party.
Jesper from Denmark joins in.

Anita from Denmark is a brilliant dancer and singer.
She quickly picks up the tribal dance style and
adds her own flavor.

The dancers show up in their traditional
dresses. Each village has its own design


Dancing and ritualized fighting with swords


Here our western Charlies Angels show
up in the local dresses of Shilla.


But you don't need to follow the
dress code to join the dance.



And in the center of the celebration
you  will always find a big camp fire


The fire will burn the hole night and so will the party.



 Dance is an expression of joy. Here Sanjay (left)
is going for the ball

Here we see the orchestra. Ulrich to the right is
playing congas in Latin style. It blends very well into
the local beats.

Never attend a Shilla party
without a good blow in the horn.
  Here a music lesson is taking place. The first blow
normally sounds like and elephant with diarrhea.
East meets west around the fire.   Here we have the beautiful women in
their colorful dresses.
Singing happens very spontaneously as an
expression of feeling.  Often a chorus will answer.
  Hand clapping in advanced beats.
A group photo of the dance troop   Their dance follows certain rules in intimate
coordination with the music.
 Here Asha is joining the circkle   Hi Sanjay! Are you enjoying yourself?
Singing is not restricted to party time.
Here Ram Lal is singing. The beauty of the
nature in Tunda Bhuj compels him to do so.
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