Rudragnag is a very beautiful and powerful place. The constant murmuring sound from the nearby river and the many waterfalls from small rivers entering into the mainstream make Rudranag a special place to spend the night. Although the special water-sound in Rudranag is loud, it also seems to calm the mind and create a soothing effect. Maybe that is the reason why The Indian God Shiva is said to have been meditating here for 1000 years.
Rudragnag is also a favorite of many Himalayan Sadhus. They come here for practicing deep meditation in solitude. Some of them, like the man you see on the photo, live in mountain caves in the surrounding area.
Many different tribes come to Rudranag even from far away to make their offerings. The people from Shilla have even an ancient song in praise of the tranquility of Rudranag. It is sung in a language only a few old people in the Village know.
On this photo you see the female leaders of the Village of Malana. The woman to the far left has been democratically elected as the leader of the Malana people. There are a lot of Greek words in the language of Malana. Soldiers from the Macedonian Alexander The Great's army settled down here in ancient times.
Jesper is taking a bath in the waterfall
In the meantime tents are getting ready.
And the mule is patiently waiting to get rid of the load.
The Malana tribe has come to Rudranag to sacrifice goats to their Gods in order to please them. On the picture they are slaughtering the goat in a ceremonial way by simply tearing it apart. Of course after killing it first.
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