At the altitude of 4500 meters we cross the Saar Pass.

    Resting in beauty after reaching the top.

This is a good place to explore further into
the mountains. It is possible to go to the
top of the mountain you see here
without being a professional climber.

At the Saar Pass the grass meadows
give in to the reign of rocks.



Here the grass is especially tasty
for the beautiful mountain goats.


The mountain goats are collective animals.
Together they make sculptural beauty even
better than Canova.



A couple of beautiful and friendly mountain dogs,
guarding the goat herd.


Hey! Who are these strange animals?
Tourists?... Never seen them before...



Ascending from the Saar Pass we enter
a valley full of glaciers.


Sys is crossing a frozen river in the Valley of glaciers.



Shrouded in mysterious beauty -
lost in ice and clouds. 


Good we have our guides!



A little break - a good place for a whiskey on the rocks.


A delicious dessert.

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