Just a few hundred meters below the Base Camp you will find the Himalayan village Shilla

Here in the centre of Shilla you see the house of Asha´s family.
The people from Shilla are our friends and helpers. When we walk with the Shilla People we are completely safe anywhere in the Parvarti Valley. Here you see Nupram.
He knows these mountains better than the wrinkles
in his face.


Here you see the hat-ceremony. Every guest from shillatreks will be received with a cup of tea and get a
typical Kullu hat as a gift.

In spite of the fact that the tribal mountain life often means hard work, there is also time for an ice cone.

The Shilla people help during the trekking & walking programs; carrying our heavy luggage so we can walk at ease! Here you see Puran. The smile on his face is light as he runs ahead of us with 35 Kg on his back.
During our trek our friends from Shilla also make our food.
When did you last taste bread baked on an open fire?
And when the sun sets there is time for a music party. Here you see Asha and Puran singing happy songs about daily life. Or maybe Asha sings a devotional song in praise of the Great Yogi Chaman Rishi who lived in a mountain cave above Shilla 400 years ago. Even today Chaman Rishi is the spiritual protector and most important God for the Shillans. Their main Temple is constructed in His Name.
Ritual dances are an essential part of their life. Through the dances the Shillans demonstrate and confirm their strong village unity.
Never join a Shilla party without a good blow in the horn.
These simple people from above the clouds. They have so much to give.
And of course we also have something to give! The villagers are very poor. By assisting in the apple orchard and the trekking they can supplement their small livelihood.
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