Tunda Bhuj - 3300m - is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Here you will see a variety of sub-alpine forests such as Birch-Rhododendron, pure patches of high altitude fir, pure silver birch and willow scrub.

We are camping on the southern side of the Parvati River, which here forms a deep gorge separating us from massive rock faces with very high waterfalls on the northern side. Several waterfalls dance with rainbows in the late afternoon light.





And our trekking horses celebrate their temporary freedom from their burden.
Beautiful and friendly stray roaming dogs follow us on our way. They have for 1000s of years followed the Himalayan man on his trek and warned and protected him from dangers after nightfall. "Pluto" (baptized by Christoffer) is here asking the kitchen crew for payment for the night.
I am sure Asha and her aunt will give Pluto some left over goodies.


















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